10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis Treatment)

10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

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Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies: Sinuses usually act to keep the nostrils hydrated. It also helps the nostrils to prevent foreign particles from entering with air. But this can lead you to a significant drawback. Those foreign particles can cause blockage in the sinus cavities creating inflammation or, precisely, a sinus infection.

This infection generally makes you to have several painful symptoms like severe pressure around the nose. But rushing to a doctor is not necessary every time. At the same time, even doctors suggest staying home and monitoring the infection for the first week. They suggest that every sinus infection is not a chronic sinus infection.

But staying home without any treatment is not easy as the symptoms can be severe even in a viral or bacterial sinus infection. That’s why you should take the help of these 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies to relieve the pain.


10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies

Here are some sinus infection remedies that will not only reduce the symptoms but also heal the sinuses-

Inhale Steam

Inhaling steam or vapour can break down the mucus stuck in the sinuses. It will make the mucus thin so that it can come out of the nose easily. If you try this, you’ll experience almost immediately that the mucus’s colour is turning lighter.

Inhale Steam- Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies

Not only that, but this method also helps the swollen blood vessels to shrink so that you can breathe easily. Because of its versatility, despite being so easy, it creates its spot in the list of 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies.

  • Step 1: Take a pan and boil some water in it.
  • Step 2: Now, you can add some index to it. Iodex helps to loosen the mucus faster. Or you can add any aroma-making spices from the kitchen. Or you can skip the step.
  • Step 3: put off the oven and take the pan to a better place. Take a towel to cover your head while leaning over the pan.
  • Step 4: Now, inhale the steam until the water cools down. You can take intervals.



Acupressure is included in most of the expats’ top 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies. This method is being used traditionally for years to treat cold or sinus infection fevers.

acupressure thumbs- Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

Using pressure on the right spots can release the blocked sinuses. With releasing pressures it can reduce the pain significantly. Though it is suggested to have in surveillance of experts, you can do it moderately in your home too.

To perform it without hurting yourself, follow the procedure carefully-

  • You need to attach the fingers of one hand to the fingers of another hand to shape the glass.
  • Where the neck joints with the head, cradle that place with the attached fingers
  • With the help of the thumbs, try to feel the dips on the sides of the spine.
  • Massage the area. Press the thumb there and move in circles.
  • Keep breathing slowly and try to relax your body.
  • Do this for 5 seconds and take an interval.



If you ask any expert how to get rid of a sinus infection, he will add this option in his 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies. And there is a worthy reason behind that.

Stay Hydrated- Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

When you have a sinus infection, a runny nose is one of the most common problems. But it has a stronger effect than it seems. While the nose is dripping, it keeps dehydrating the body continuously. That will make the mucus thicker.

To stop that problem, you need to keep rehydrating your body. To do that, keep a few things in mind-

  • Make a routine to consume enough water. Put water bottles in the workplace so that you don’t forget.
  • Generally, if you drink enough water that you need, you might have to drink a glass or more water while having a sinus infection.
  • But drinking too much water has a drawback too. It can flush out some necessary minerals, making you more dehydrated. That’s why you should keep eating fruits like bananas and citric fruits along with water.
  • Do not consume alcohol or other products that tend to dehydrate your body.


Warm Compression

Warm compression is also an effective sinus infection remedy. It helps you to keep the sinus areas warm.

warm-compress-Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

To know this process among 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies properly, follow the steps below-

  • Step 1: boil water in a bowl or pan. Then let it be warm.
  • Step 2: Now, take a clean cloth and dip it into the warm water.
  • Step 3: Squeeze the cloth to extract excess liquid. Then put it on the face and gently press it on the places of pain.
  • Step 4: you can add mustard seeds into the water during boiling. The heat of mustard will break down the mucus if you inhale the steam from the towel.


Saline Spray

If you have a sinus infection, the sinus cavities get filled with mucus. That mucus tends to dry out. And the more it dries, the harder it becomes to get it out. As a result, the pressure and inflammation keep increasing.

nasal-Saline spray- Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

In that case, if you somehow rehydrate the sinuses, the mucus gets thinner, and the pressure gets released. The saline spray is one of the best ways to do that. But it’s not enough only to know the Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies, it’s also essential to perform properly.

To do that properly and to avoid any negative results, follow the steps-

  • Step 1: mix a quarter spoon of salt with the same amount of baking soda.
  • Step 2: then add the mixture to 400 mi water. Mix it well with the spoon until thoroughly combined.
  • Step 3: take a clean spray bottle and pour the mixture into it.
  • Step 4: Place the nozzle into one nostril and spray the solution. Do the same into the other nostril afterwards. You can also snort the solution from the palm if you can’t arrange a spray bottle.


Cleaning Nostrils

Most of the time, any nasal infection, including sinus infection, is caused by pollutants, allergens, fungus, or virus that gets stuck in the nostril while breathing. So it’s essential to keep the nostrils clean.

Cleaning Nostrils-Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

But it’s also essential to clean the nostrils and sinuses if you have a sinus infection, which will help open the blockage. That’s why this remedy is included in our 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies. To know how to do it, follow the steps-

  • Step 1: Take a clean dropper and pour sterilized water into it.
  • Step 2: To sterilize the water, you need to boil it and then let it cool down.
  • Step 3: Then enter the dropper in a nostril and squirt the water into it. Stay leaned until the water comes out.
  • Step 4: Repeat this in the other nostril. This process will wash out all the foreign particles and allergens from the nostrils.



Histamine is the chemical in our body that is responsible for allergic reactions. That’s why it has a significant role in your sinus infection. Now there is a component that can fight against that. It has the power to stabilize the histamine-releasing cells in the body.

Quercetin- Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

That is quercetin. But that’s not the only reason to include it in these 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies. Another reason is its ready availability. This antioxidant is present in onions to red wine, apples, to green tea.

You can have any of these to have the component or buy it as a supplement. In that case, take 400-500 mg, thrice a day.



It is the hands-down cheapest option in this 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies list. To perform this, you don’t need anything else but yourself. You need to get yourself in a yoga position that will keep you relaxed.

reclined cobblers yoga poses- Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

Yoga experts suggest supporting reclined cobbler’s yoga poses. This pose will relax your body and help you relieve the pain from the infection. To perform it, follow the steps below-

  • Lie down in a comfortable place. You can use a rolled towel under your back to lift the head slightly.
  • Then slowly link the soles of your legs. Your legs now should create a diamond shape.
  • Extend both arms to the sides and let them be.
  • Now relax the body. Stay in this pose for five minutes. You can put cushions under the legs for better relaxation.



Are you shocked to see horseradish in these 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies? Well, don’t be. You might have noticed that the horseradish tastes hot. It is the key to fighting the blocked mucus in a sinus infection.

Horseradish-Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies (Sinusitis)

Like onions, horseradish also has sulphur in it. It dissolves the mucus. Besides, it has the properties to fight bacteria. If you don’t like to take antibiotics for sinus infections, you can surely go for horseradish. Just follow the instructions below-

  • Step 1: take fresh horseradish. Grate it into tiny pieces.
  • Step 2: take some into a spoon and place that under your tongue.
  • Step 3: keep it like that for a few minutes. You can feel it working.
  • Step 4: the heat will immediately start to thin the mucus. If you like, you can eat the grated radish afterwards.



To keep all the other aspects of the Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies in mind, you need to rest your body properly. If you skip this part, none of the other remedies will work well.


Viruses, bacteria, or allergies make your body weak. And the chronic sinus infection keeps putting a toll on your body for a more extended period. In this situation, if you don’t give your body enough rest, it won’t get the energy to recover from the damage.

  • A sound sleep of 7-8 hours is the best way to give the body rest. But with a congested nose, it may be hard to do that. That’s why you can take the help of a humidifier before sleeping.
  • Besides that, you should not put your body in heavy work for at least some days. It will let the body put the strength to fight against the infection and heal properly.



If you get viral sinusitis, the infection will get away in a few days. In the meantime, these remedies will help you. If you get allergic reactions, you take natural antihistamines along with them.

These 10 Natural Home Sinus Infection Remedies will help you even if you have a bacterial or fungal infection. If you follow the instructions properly, you can get rid of the pressure and pain easily at home.

But these remedies won’t be able to cure chronic sinusitis. If your infection lasts more than 2 months, you should consult the doctor.


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