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When you feel stress or pain in your face, it is sure that you have developed a sinus headache that is caused by a sinus infection. If you have a cold or allergy you must be careful. You can be affected by a sinus infection anytime. Here is a clear idea about how the sinus happens. In this article, we have discussed sinus headaches. There is all that you need to know about sinus headaches: causes, symptoms, treatments, home remedies everything. This will guide you to get rid of the pain of sinus headaches.


A Short Idea About Sinuses and Sinus Headaches

Sinuses are spaces that are full of air and connected. They are situated behind our nose, forehead, and cheekbones. There is mucus in the sinus which catches bad specks like bacteria, contaminants, and dust at the time of the air circulation through the sinus to the lungs. The mucus then washes out through the nose. You can see the pictures of sinus anatomy to get a clear idea about sinuses.

Most people misdiagnose sinus to be migraine without going to the doctor. They start to take open-to-the-counter medicines which may cause harm for our health. Sinus headaches arise only because of a sinus infection or sinusitis. You feel stress and pain in the sinuses.


The Symptoms of Sinus Headaches

The part which hurts the most in a sinus headache is the face. The pain increases when we move our heads suddenly. Have you any knowledge about can sinus affect the eyes? Yes, we feel constant pain behind our eyes when we have a sinus headache. Sinus and eye pain are interrelated. Not only that there is a tremendous pain in our cheekbones, forehead, and walls of the nose. The common symptoms of sinus headaches are:

  • Your nose will be stuffy during sinus headaches.
  • You will have a high fever when you grow a sinus headache.
  • You will feel that your ears are full of something when you have a sinus headache.
  • Your face will be swollen or puffed during a sinus headache.
  • Thick, yellowish mucus will be drained from your nose when you have a sinus headache.


Types of Sinus Headaches


The Causes Of Sinus Headaches

Sinus infections bring in sinus headaches. The common causes of sinus headaches are given below:

  • One of the most important causes of sinus headaches is the common cold. If you have these issues you have to be careful.
  • Mucus breeds are due to seasonal allergies. If you are allergic take preventive measures.
  • If there is an unusual growth of nasal polyps they may disrupt to washout of mucus.
  • If the nose is not straight, there is the bone that is down which means it deviates the septum which interrupts the mucus to be washed out properly.


How To Treat Sinus Headaches?

Often sinus infections are caused due to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If the sinus infection is caused due to virus, it is cured automatically. No antibiotic is needed to cure it. But when the sinus infection is caused due to bacteria it fungi you need to take antibiotics or antifungal drugs. When you consult with a doctor they may prescribe you the below-mentioned medications to inform you how the sinus can be cured.

  • If you have an allergy they may prescribe you antihistamines.
  • If your nose and sinuses are swelling they may prescribe you decongestants to relieve swelling.
  • They may give you some pain relievers to comfort you from headache pain.
  • If there is inflammation they may prescribe you some steroids to lessen it.


Home Remedies for Curing or Treatment Sinus Headache


Home Remedies For Curing Sinus Headache

We, human beings have a natural trend to treat any disease before going to the doctor. They are called home remedies. Sinus Infection is not out of it. We do apply some home remedies to get relief from the pains and pressure of sinus headaches. The best home remedies are given below:

  • You may give a warm compress when you are feeling pain in your face.
  • You may use a nasal spray or drops to make the mucus thinner.
  • You may make use of any decongestant to reduce the swelling areas due to sinus and make the mucus to be washed out easily.
  • Warm, moist air can give you relief from sinus headaches. You may use a vaporizer. If you do not have a vaporizer you may boil some water in a pan and breath in the steam to get relief.



Sinus headaches can occur anytime. Do not take this headache as a casual one. It is a serious issue. They may bring in another disease. You must consult with a doctor before it is too late. Many people assumed it to be a migraine. It is not always true. Not all sinus headaches are migraines. You have to uproot the disease from the root. You solid take preventive measures when you find sinus-like symptoms so that the issue does not get a serious one. Through proper medication, sinus headaches can be cured. It is very rare to undergo surgery due to sinus headaches.


Sinus Headaches FAQs


How do you feel when you have a sinus headache?

When you have a sinus headache, you will feel pressure around your eyes, cheekbones, and forehead.


Can a sinus infection cause dizziness?

Yes, you may feel dizziness from the pressure or pain of the sinus infection.


How sinus is caused?

It is the common cold that causes sinus.


Can the sinus affect your ears?

Sinuses and ears are interconnected. So your ears can also be affected due to sinus. The ears feel stuffed during sinus.


How to identify if it is a migraine or sinus headache?

In a sinus headache, thick yellowish mucus will be discharged from the nose whereas, in a migraine headache, the mucus is clear.


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