Is It Migraine Or Sinus Headache- Check out the Differences

Don’t Wiggle to Migraine or Sinus – Fight Back With A Bunch of Remedies

Migraine or Sinus Headache: Are you waiting to jump into hell? If not, then why are you condoning migraine still now? Stay away from this worst headache with the help of this article. When we have a watery nose, watery eyes, or feel hurt in the head we self-diagnose it to be a sinus headache. […]

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Sinus Infection While Pregnant_ Prevent and Treat. When to Call a Doctor

Sinus Infection While Pregnant: Prevent and Treat. When to Call a Doctor?

Pregnancy might be the happiest time for a family. But it comes with its own set of challenges for the mother. A sinus infection while pregnant can be harder to deal with than usual. Sinusitis is a persistent threat for potential mothers. In addition to that, several conventional sinusitis treatments for women are unsafe during […]

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How to Treat a Sinus Infection at Home (Sinusitis)

How to Treat a Sinus Infection at Home (Sinusitis Treatment)

Sinuses are hollow chambers situated behind and around the nose. When these cavities get congested, they cause inflammation. This situation is known as a sinus infection. Sinus infection comes with lots of painful symptoms. So if you want to know how to treat a sinus infection, tag along.   How to Treat a Sinus Infection […]

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Sinus Infection Side Effects

Sinus Infection Side Effects | Symptoms, Causes, Duration, & Treatment

A study suggests that sinus infections, popularly known as sinusitis, typically affect 15% of Americans every year. Sinus infection side effects can be acute or chronic. Sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull connected from the nose to the brain. It serves as a passage for mucus and dust particles to move from the nose […]

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How to Relieve Severe Sinus Pressure and Pain Natural at home?

What Causes a Sinus Infection? Steps to Relieve Severe Sinus Pressure and Pain.

What Causes a Sinus Infection? Some people suspect that the sinuses are the reason behind cold symptoms like a puffy face, runny nose, coughing, or facial swelling. But that’s not the case. The sinus cavities are just hollow chambers to make the skull lighter. These cavities have a mucus layer that is channeled to the […]

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When to See a Doctor for a Sinus Infection

Is it a Cold or Sinus Infection? When to See a Doctor for a Sinus Infection?

We always try to figure out if you have a cold or a sinus infection by having any cold symptoms. Can you stay with others normally, or should you stay away for some time? The common concern is how long are you contagious with a cold. But did you ever think, “Is it a cold […]

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